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This project has sold out, however ANGLE is currently collaborating on our next edition of exceptional Boroondara homes. If you would like to learn more, join us at Fenwick for a private appointment and experience our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to craft.


About Fenwick

Perched atop one of the city’s highest points, Fenwick is nestled within a scene of verdant canopies of natives, all the while overlooking the most profound backdrop of glistening river and rambling treescapes. A homage to the tightly-held community’s rich lineage of architectural mastery, the homes stand to be the next generation within this heritage of iconic design; a modern relic in conversation with the legacy that has come before it. The junction of three of Australia’s most progressive designers – Edition Office, Flack Studio and Eckersley Garden Architecture – Fenwick moves beyond the traditional parameters of form and function, to create more than just homes, but masterpieces.


When musing how best the design could speak to the defining topography of the existing environment, without feeling imposing or grandiose, it was a natural journey to look toward the Modernists that had already left their mark on the community to guide the imprint Fenwick would ultimately leave upon the landscape. To achieve this sense of continuity and enter into this dialogue with the past, Edition Office understood that what they would be creating, would in essence be a relic; an heirloom of sorts that would speak to the legacy of architecture that came before it, while drawing on the motifs of this movement in profoundly modern ways. This conversation – with history and with topography – while understated and articulated through a contemporary lens, is best witnessed in subtle expressions throughout the building; such as the gentle curves of the building, or the application of travertine throughout.


Finding balance within form and function, while still reverberating the underpinning sentiments to topography and tradition witnessed in architectural decisions, Fenwick’s interiors are a homage to the effortless and intuitive joy of considered design. Driven by both materiality and aesthetic integrity, homes have been curated to anticipate the rituals of modern lifestyles, responding with solutions that are infallibly beautiful to live within.